c Joanna conducts individual and group sessions to facilitate self-expression and support people with their recovery.  Art therapy can help a person: b

• gain personal insight and self-awareness
• resolve inner conflicts and gain greater self acceptance
• identify and release negative patterns of thought and behaviour
• manage anger, depression and anxiety
• cope with grief and loss

The psyche is the deep and personal part of us that holds and organises our experiences. Because life is a difficult and often lonely journey, we can be bruised, hurt, confused or conflicted. Sometimes regularly. Sometimes daily. But always unmistakably. Art therapy sessions on a one-to-one basis is a safe place where we can attend to our psyche, listen to our conflicts, express them rather than suppress them, and allow healing, restoration, and growth to occur. People Joanna has counselled include:




• Individuals going through a life transition or seeking deeper self-awareness
• Individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, grief or phobias
• Couples going through a difficult period or facing a breakdown in relating to each other
• Adult and child survivors of trauma and abuse
• Individuals suffering from various addictions
• Individuals with schizophrenic and borderline disorders
• Children with emotional, developmental and/or behavioural problems

Working in Group
Joanna is an experienced group facilitator and have worked in a variety of group settings, with different age groups and client profiles. Group workshops are tailored with the client's objectives, needs and resources in mind. Her clients include primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions, welfare homes, respite centers, organizations, companies and a variety of community groups. To arrange an individual or group session, email jo@joannatan.com.

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