Come to the edge, He said. They said: we are afraid.
Come to the edge, He said. They came.
He pushed them, and they flew...

- Guillaume Apollinaire

In addition to facilitating workshops, Joanna works with different community groups in their own retreats. In these retreats, Joanna uses art as a means of achieving various purposes such as facilitating self-awareness, group or couple communication or simply releasing creative energy for people who are stressed or want to explore personal issues.

Heartspace Retreats is one that specially incorporates Christian spirituality with the process of art and the imagination. These retreats are designed to help retreatants explore and express their personal and spiritual journeys through art. | Click here for enquiry |

Returning Home to Yourself

A Self Exploration Workshop Using the Creative Arts

Date: 22 October 2014 (Deepavali holiday)
Time: 10am - 5pm
Heartspace, Catholic Centre
55 Waterloo street #05-03
Cost: $200

Set aside a quiet space to become reacquainted with yourself ina welcoming and supportive environment.Come for an intimatetime of gentle self-exploration as we enter into the

Being & Becoming through Art Journaling

adventure of spontaneous art making using expressive arts, music, story and meditation. Be prepared to listen to your own inner wisdom while experiencing the places that connect most deeply with your heart. Previous experience of art making is not necessary.

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Participant Feedback
“A peaceful space for personal journey of inner insights. Every activity facilitated insight...and brought balance. Big thanks!” Psychologist

“A good break…the slow pace of the retreat allowed reflection and uncovered stuff within me. The retreat has also given me material that will allow me to continue this journey of self exploration even after the retreat.” Counsellor

"A real treat! I had so much fun with the media, something I have never done and going to do more of on my own. I enjoyed the sharing and felt very connected throughout the retreat.
I look forward to more!" Artist

"I came in heavy but after being led through the exercises, I now feel rested. I found the day retreat liberating and refreshing." - Counsellor

"It helped me come to terms with certain inner core pain that I was struggling with. After this retreat, I feel more at rest and at peace with myself. Expressing myself through drawing was a safe way to find a solution for myself. I let my heart speak and heard it." - Teacher

"The retreat was very good - very enriching! I liked the self discovery element and the venue." - Counselor

"The retreat was awesome! I really enjoyed the journey of self discovery and sharing. Yes! I feel re-charged and encouraged to find out even more about myself." - Teacher

"The retreat was really relaxing and nurturing and the purpose was definitely achieved. It has helped me see what is really important to me. I'm really glad I came." - Social Worker

"It was really therapeutic. It helped me to connect with my inner self. The pace was good, the environment safe and affirming. Lots of personal space was given for self exploration" - Counsellor

"This process is enjoyable and meaningful. A time to get in touch with myself. Very beneficial indeed! Very well done!" - Ministry Staff

"This is excellent!" -Psychologist

Heartspace by the Sea 2014

Art & Spirituality Retreat

Date: 9-11 Aug 2014 (National Day holiday)
Place: Bintan Cabana Beach Resort
Cost: $590 inclusive of programme, resort stay (twin share), meals, ferry transfers and art materials.
For single accomodation +$100.
Please email heartspacebythesea@gmail.com to register.
Kindly register by end June 2014. Spaces are limited.

Heartspace by the Sea 2013
This 3-day 2-night retreat which integrates art and spirituality is meant for those who want to set aside a time for rest, reflection, self-expression and discovery through the use of art, movement and quiet contemplative prayer.

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Participant Feedback
"I had time to just BE. I have received new and precious insights. A renewed heart and spirit."
- Teacher 40s

"I found the retreat excellent. Programme was just right. The mix of common events and the time for personal reflections was balance! Facilitation was very good." - Engineer 50s

"Excellent retreat! I thought that everything came together beautifully. Programme was good. Took away lots that are precious and priceless!" - Professional 40s

"I enjoyed the retreat very much. I felt a lot of space, safety, love and meaning during the retreat." - Counsellor 30s